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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

nO such luck... well as yOu know from the pOst below, that we went Out looking for a big Old table for a new crafting station for me, even in Old door would be cool and then I could buy legs for it and get glass for the tOp, but nO such luck, there's always tomorrow right. Hope all is well in blOgland & is it cold where yOu live? it sure is cold here, try 16 degrees & getting colder... Michigan weather! sorry no picture's tOday of and Old table maybe this week-end.

                                                 SiMpLy mE :)  


  1. Wonder if you managed to get out of those cute little houseshoes, eh? ;-)

    It's NOT as cold here, thankfully!!!!! But it is supposed to be in the 20's tonight, which really is cold for here!!

  2. It is freezing here and getting colder the next couple of days. Right now we have flakes coming down about the size of the ones on your blog!

  3. BRRR not as cold here as you, not snow cold but wind cold. sorry to hear you didn't find a table.
    have a goodnight.

  4. Hope you find something soon!

  5. oh gosh... i know it is cold there... they talk about YALL on the NEWS! stay warm!

    it's not bad here right now... at night though it dips to the teens so i keep my fanny INSIDE! :)


  6. Love the background. Do you do that or does Shawn? If you see her or talk to her soon, let her know I'll be touching base soon for a tweak or two or maybe a whole makeover on my blog.

    Stop by and read my deep post...I'm a little afraid of what I'll get in return...

    Love ya!

  7. What a fun blog!!! I love it! Hope you find your table..craft rooms are the best!
    -sandy toe

  8. you need to come to Camas Antiques. They always have cool old tables. I always thought putting two french doorss together, placing glass on top and making a table would be so cool!


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