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SiMpLy mE...: April 2008

Saturday, April 26, 2008


   O P E DSC_1316

Good afternoon, Sorry for the addiction with these letters but I can't help myself, I think there so Hip, So cool!  Well here I sit, all done with our work around the house, and my Hubby is fishing, he LOVES to fish, and I LOVE to blog!!!!! Well the reason I have the word open at the top is I want to show you a cool gadget I received for Christmas this pasted year. Well I like to have a glass of wine sometimes but I can't ever open the bottle and my Husband isn't to good at it either so I have the coolest gadget to show you, it's made by Emerson and I think it's about 20 bucks or so, it works so easy I can even work it!wine

I'm thinking they got it at Target, It's a must have if you like to have a glass of wine now and then. Hope everyone is enjoying there week-end, hope to post again on Monday!   Hugs~ Lanny

Friday, April 25, 2008


Bead Letter W E E from simmering      sweet ecard letter nD2

TGIF..... It's only been 3 days, but to me it feel like forever! Did you miss me? LOL... Well yesterday I took my Hubby to work and then went and got the oil changed in the truck, why does it always seem that when I go to get the oil change there's something else they want to do! Hmmm. well any way, no more talk about that. I was about 3 miles from a little town called Holland Mi, so I decided to do alittle window shopping that's always fun right? I took afew pictures and wanted to share them with you. Hope you enjoy! 100_0212  100_0211

Is this a cool cat or what, he lives in this flower shop, and just happened to be in the window as I was walking by, so I took his picture. Hello kitty!!! let's move on100_0213

This shop has great spices!100_0214

Same shop!100_0215

These were the smart people, in town!!!100_0216

The name of this shop is Sole Mate! Cute Cute Cute! one of my Fav's.100_0217

This is the Peanut store, My Mom worked here when she was just a young girl! 100_0220

Okay you caught me! but I was just looking!100_0221

Bracelets!                                                   100_0223

Just a display, in the shop!  100_0224

Don't ask me!100_0227

Love this store too... 100_0206

It is getting close to Tulip Time May 3-10 100_0208

Well I hope you enjoyed your stroll down 8th Street. Hope you have a grand week-end!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Find more photos like this on Earth Day

Earth Day! Please watch, we can all learn more about our Earth. Have a great Day!  Lanny

Sunday, April 20, 2008

4.2o.2008 Knobs!

Knobs you say! Lanny what are you thinking. Well as you know I clean houses and I have one hardware store, I've been meaning to bring my camera with me the last few times, so today I did... My hubby thinks I'm nuts, but knobs are so cool, we use them everyday, so I think they should be recognize, don't you !knobs1

I have the tub & tooth brush & paste.knobs2

These are great if you live on the ranch. 


         These are really pretty...knobs4

               And these too! knobs5 

No these are knobs, not for you to throw!


Well I saw these and thought of carissa over at Brown Eyed Fox, The bottom one! It has a brown eye. Well time to go, I hope this post wasn't to weird LOL. Enjoy your monday. Hugs!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

4.19.2008 PM I'm in Love!

With the mail man, he doesn't even know it and I'm not going to tell him or my Husband for that matter! Will get to that in a minute hope everyone had a nice day, as you know from my post earlier today, I was off to clean the house I'm all done, hip hip hooray! it sure feels good when it's all done. You know what I mean ladys, ok I'm sure your bitting at the bit wondering why I love the mail man, well here it goes!  

100_0179 100_0180100_0181100_0182

Ha Ha , I had you going, Well now I'm off to look at my mag's with a cup of tea ALONE!!!! Xo


Good Saturday morn'in to ya! well today I need to get busy around here, cleaning, organizing and well, who knows what else... But first a cup of my favorite tea, I'm a tea drinker, not to keen on coffee. Hope you enjoy your day and week~end, well off to clean hope to see you back next~week!                     100_0177

Take a look at my new blog link Relish, very cool stuff to look at...             Hugs!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Cup Cakes! Who doesn't like cup cakes, I know I do, and You? well if you answered yes this post will tickle your fancy, I couldn't decide what to post on today I feel my last post wasn't very colorful, so to keep you coming back for a visit I thought I better pick~up the pace, so here it goes. Enjoy!!!cup cakes

Yes kids these are cup cakes, I'm thinking those are jellybeans on top and for the butter well your guess is as good as mine Hmmm.cup cake2

This ones pretty easy to figure out!cup cakes4

You got me on this one!cakes_01467_xl

This one would be cute at Easter time.


This one would be so cute for a shower,or even a wedding... Thanks so much for your visit, and if you have the time please jump over to my friend Linda's blog at restylehome she was my winner afew weeks ago and she posted her gift she won, kind of cool might I add. Have a great Day! Most of these cup cakes can be found on Martha Stewart.

Monday, April 14, 2008


  Ahhh! First signs of spring, Just went out side to take my Gus out, and my camera went out with us Hmmm. I'm so glad when I see things coming up, it makes me feel like I have a green thumb!!! Enjoy.100_0172 100_0174  100_0173


Hey, howed he get in here LOL... Time for a hair cut. Tommorrow 9am. Thanks for stop'in by.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


A few close~ups! Enjoy, hope your having a great week~end... Thanks for visiting!  100_0151 100_0154100_0152100_0163100_0149

Hope you enjoyed your stay!!!