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Saturday, December 27, 2008

gOod evening, i told you i would share my Christmas day picture's with you, and yOu knOw mOst of the time, i keep my promises... i wOuld like to thank my friend Shawnski aka Shawn for spending the day with us and taking these great picture's...  IMG_7919 


these are the babies of our family... i know there cute you don't have to tell me :)IMG_7903

her very first babie doll, thank you Grandma :) IMG_7954IMG_7959

my Mom playing her piano, she turned 83 last month.IMG_7969

a winter wonderland display! 100_1302100_1303 

my display's downstairs! 100_1241

this display is upstairs in the den! i hope you enjoyed the Christmas day tour. See yOu sOon :)     



  1. oh lanny! i love it all!!!

    your mom is so sweet!

    and those babies???

    look at how sweet they are!


  2. I would dearly love to have my mother back, playing the piano again. You are blessed.

  3. Okay, I won't tell you, but I was thinking it the minute I saw all those beautiful eyes! And your mother is adorable too!

  4. The children have amazing eyes ... I could eat each one of them up they are so cute. How eat is it that your Mom is there? I miss my Mema , she would be about the same age as your Mom. I decorations are so great. Love the ice skaters. Is that tulle around them?

  5. Oh, how beautiful! What a gorgeous day you had... The kids are amazing and your Mom is beautiful. Loving your ice skate display... oh how fun to have a friends and family together... with my hubby in the military we don't live by any family (Pacific Northwest and we are on the East Coast)... your pics make me think of all our family we didn't see. thanks for sharing your day... Love it all!!!

  6. what a beautiful family. i love your Christmas decorations.
    i hope you have a blessed new year.

  7. oops. that was me.

  8. it looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with your family. your mom is absolutely precious, and those babies...well, more like angels! :)

  9. you're soooo right THOSE pictures! wow! SHAWN... amazing!

    and i will STILL say it... they are SO cute! BEAUTIFUL!

    the pics of your mom playing the piano... her hands... i don't think i could frame those fast enough... what treasures!

    your home Lanny... just perfect... what cheer LOOKS like!

  10. You are right beautiful babies. I really like the snow falling on your blog - nice touch.

  11. Oh these are the sweetest photos!! Your mom is precious playing that piano. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!!


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