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Monday, December 29, 2008

good mOrning all... well iv'e been going since 6 ish this mOrning, trying to get some gOod deals...meijers 

stopped for a cup of white chocolate mocha, and then took it upon myself to spill it all over Oops!, in the middle of the store, so i had to finish my shopping mocha~less, this picture was taking before it all happened :) but i did get some great deals at starbucks! 100_1305100_1306

haven't decided if I'm going to keep them for myself or stock up for next year, Hmmm... nOw i'm back home and relaxing for the rest of the day! hope you too fined some good deals, & try not to spill anything! Have a wonderful Day!          SiMpLy mE :)             


  1. i MUST try that white chocolate mocha latte... that sounds awesome!

    what are those cute little things in boxes... better not say ornaments...that would be too cute!
    i just need to get to my Starbucks and fast!

    thought of you lots... hope your Christmas was super special... oh i just KNOW it was!

  2. Just stopped by to say hi! I'm enjoying grandbabies this week, and stopped to take a breath!

  3. :) We just stopped at 'bucks tonight... and I saw those cute ornaments! :)

    love the mug too!


  4. Oh my gosh too cute! I love Starbucks goodies! and if those are ornaments they would look too cute displayed in a tree in a kitchen!!! I must sneak out in the midst of my "taking everything down" kinda day I am having to see we our store has any left!

  5. I love good deals and that Starbucks looks way to yummy!

  6. You know. You could always send anything Starbuck-ish my way. ;)


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