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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Please pass the salt & pepper! here's a fun way to dress-up your throw away salt & pepper shaker's , what you will need:100_1021

your favorite paper,pencil,ruler,a S & P sticker,double sided tape, and your shaker's I got mine at target 87 cents! 100_1024

measure your shaker's...100_1025 

make your line's on the back of your paper...100_1026

cut out and put your tape on one end...100_1027

line it up...100_1028 

roll it up...100_1029 

at the other end, another piece of tape...100_1030

before & after...100_1032 

add your stickers, and all done! Have a fabulous Day ! Simply Me. 


  1. Those are so cool!!!

  2. Hi, I found your blog today and will enjoy covering those salt and pepper shakers that I keep in my camper. Thanks for the idea. You blod is beautiful. Happy Fall.

  3. I found you through Melissa's blog and think your blog is just darling. Your ideas are great and I have visited a few times, so now I am delurking myself...hope you don't mind if I link to you!

  4. Creative idea!! Love it!!

    Ss Ss Ss Ssalt and Peppa's here.... think "old school 80's song" when reading that. hee hee

  5. Darling idea. I tried it, but I could not get my paper to roll up straight. I'll go back tonight and try again. I just loved this!

  6. how cute are you! Thanks for adding me to your blog, I'm gonna do the same!
    What a cute idea! love this so much!

  7. I'm not anonymous!


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