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Sunday, October 12, 2008

   Pick your Apple, take a big O' bite and enjoy your Day!apples


  1. I picked mine, now it's your turn!

    Simply Me!

  2. love this pic!


    mine's picked!

  3. An apple a day... keeps the doctor away!! Just got back from working at the bay house all day. We are tired... about to go and have a glass of wine and get my P.J.'s on!! I'll be back in town tomorrow. Hugs! ~Jill :)

  4. Pretty photo. So fallish. I love it!

  5. super terrif pic!

    yeah for your other half! so sweet he has been calling you! :)

  6. hey pretty lady!
    i just added the link for the bag!
    Ped Shoes is the best place to find it! Incredible people over there.
    Look under handbags...
    then Orla Kiely!
    link in my Retail Therapy section!

    love you!


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