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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Good Morning, did you make any Ghost suckers? I hope so they are so much fun! Don't you think? If you didn't see the post it's right below this one, so watch it and you too can make them, fun for the kids and they can even take them to school for their Halloween treat! Well I have a question for all my gal pal's you know who you are! Well who doesn't like a giveaway, I know I do. I was thinking between 12 of us we could do a giveaway once a month that way we would only have to do one once a year each, if you yourself wanted to do more you could, so if it's your month for the giveaway we'll plan on the first Tuesday of every month and us other's could do our post and then tell our reader's about the great giveaway over on your blog/post this way it will introduce others to visit you! I will start off the first giveaway in January, if your in, let me know and I'll let you know when it's your month, remember it would be the first Tuesday of the month!  Hope this isn't too much to ask but I think it would be fun and everyone likes a giveaway! Have a fabulous day! Again just leave me a note and let me know if you're in. Thank you...  LWD_GreenFlowers        


  1. OOOOOOOOOh, sounds fun. Count me in!! But not Feb. we have 12 birthdays to celebrate!!! YIKES .. I know! Any other month would be fabulous!!

  2. i would TOTALLY be up for this! :)

    i'm considering hosting a swap too!

    great idea!

    i'm available for ANY month so just let me know! (email link on my blog)

  3. i would like too, but i'm having a giveaway now :)

    you didn't scroll down far enough to enter it! :)

  4. OH, yea... what a great idea....Count me in.
    Would you just send me a reminder.

  5. sounds like a great idea, but I just can't commit to one more thing right now. :(
    Hey! I LOVE your blog design! Looks awesome!

  6. What a great idea! Since I am having a giveaway right now I think I will pass. Perhaps in a few months!:) Lori

  7. TOTALLY... of course... count me in pleeeeease!

    too fun... too clever... too good!

  8. Oh yes! Oh yes!! I'm doing my "giveaway dance" right now!! Count me in!!

    ~Jill :)

  9. hey lanny.
    this is a good idea. but i am not going to commit...because i tend to disappoint on a deadline.

    good luck!

  10. Hi, Lanny. Thanks so much for your kind email today. Your blog is adorable! I particularly like the blog header (probably because it has polka dots on it! :).

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Lanny, sorry I'm just getting back to you.

    Ooo, how I love this idea, but I, too, am one to over-commit myself and I have sooo much on my plate with my kiddos' schools, church, etc. that I know I'll be overwhelmed when my time comes. And, I'm so not creative, I would be afraid to disappoint people in my giveaway. Can I still enter the giveaways though?? :)

    Love ya!


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