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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Well as you know afew days ago I had a giveaway of coffee and a gift card to starbucks and my gal pal Carissa won yeah! yesterday I went to the red shoes blog which is one of my favorites, and she had this pictured, and if you could guess what it was you would win!tomato 

can you guess what it is? if you guessed a tomato your right and that's what I guessed, so I'm thinking karma... so when I get my winnings you'll be the first to know pictures and all. I would like to take the time to give this gal some correct, she has her shop in Ann Arbor Michigan and I can't wait to visit her,were going in July. Her and her shop are going to be featured in Romantic Homes magazine in July, here's a sneak peek! red shoes  red shoes2red shoes3

I'm feeling this shop is a must see, maybe someday you can go too! so please take the time to go to her blog and look around in her shop and maybe you could even leave her a comment! have a great night and see you soon! Thanks so much for visiting :)


  1. Great guess. Me with my brown thumb would have never guessed that...Enjoy your winnings.

  2. I love her shop and blog. How great that she is going to be featured in such a great magazine!!

    Sorry I haven't been visiting as much...very busy these days!!


  3. She does have an awesome shop. So cool that you won!! Heading out of town with Matt this weekend... just the two of us!! Can't wait for a relaxing weekend away. We'll be back Sunday. Have a great weekend Lanny!! ~Jill :)

  4. congrats girl! that is a BIG win!

    Red Shoes is sooooo very dreamy! :)

  5. she does have lovely things in her shop.
    such bright fun colors in everything.
    and fun hair. :)


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