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SiMpLy mE...: decorating & cooking all in one, oh my!

Friday, June 6, 2008

decorating & cooking all in one, oh my!

  I'm here to say I'm down right tired, it's about 10 pm and I'm all done with my own house work. My hubby's at work until midnight,and will be back up at 8 am,busy at it... Today I got my country living magazine and it's a good one this time like alway, they have decorating in one part and cooking in the other, how fun is that sneak peek below...100_0459 100_0463100_0462 100_0460100_0461

this is my kind of magazine, two for the price of one! Hope you all have a great week~end see you soon :)


  1. i got to flip through it today too.
    so good!

  2. ewe... looks like a super issue! i am a magazine fanatic! no such thing as too many! :)

    hugs & wishes for a good week!

  3. hey my friend!
    yes... we will be heading out to TX later this week!
    my granmama is in stage four with a very aggressive cancer... a shock to us all! we're heading her way! she is a bright light... the heart of our family! God must have big plans for her in heaven! ...more later

    i will be doing my very best to stay up with my blogging while there... we'll see!
    love to you! we'll talk before our leaving!

  4. Hi Lanny~ You love magazines like I do. I get so excited when I get a new one. This looks like a great issue... love the cookbook addition!! Have lots of fun reading it!! ~Jill :)


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