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SiMpLy mE...: garage sale!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

garage sale!

The time has come, garage sale time that is, and what alot of work it is, and boy do I have the junk. It's funny how you get so much stuff thru out the years! I'm not having it until thursday & friday but afew customers stopped by to look over the goods!100_0471 100_0470

yap, that's right the neighbor kids, I made 2 bucks already! now I'll give you the tour.100_0469 100_0467 100_0468

see I have junk too! see anything you like?100_0466

cool signs! Thanks Shaun... have a good week~end and Happy Father's Day to all you Dad's. Thanks for visiting :)


  1. Gotta love a good garage sale. I've actually made some really good money at garage sales!! My advise... do not price a thing. You won't be pressured to add up items. Just throw out a price when they ask you... throw out a higher price and they usually go for it. If they bring a whole armload of things... how much? I just look the pile over and throw out a number. Works like a charm. I make more money when I don't price a thing. I friend taught me that. I thought she was nuts at first (sorry Ruth Ann) but it ended up being the best idea ever!!

    Red Hot Smokin' (see my Talledega link) Matt says hello!

    ~Jill :)

  2. good luck lanny!
    i hope it's not too hot for ya.

  3. WAY cute garage sale signs! those would make be turn around fast to check things out!

    happy selling! you have fun stuff in your sale!


  4. Aint it great to purge every once in a while? I am feeling the need to do the same. Our neighborhood garage sale is June 21st and I CAN'T WAIT! Good luck and Happy Selling!

  5. It looks like I'd have fun at your garage sale! That black bath sign is super cute!



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