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SiMpLy mE...: 4.19.2008 PM I'm in Love!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

4.19.2008 PM I'm in Love!

With the mail man, he doesn't even know it and I'm not going to tell him or my Husband for that matter! Will get to that in a minute hope everyone had a nice day, as you know from my post earlier today, I was off to clean the house I'm all done, hip hip hooray! it sure feels good when it's all done. You know what I mean ladys, ok I'm sure your bitting at the bit wondering why I love the mail man, well here it goes!  

100_0179 100_0180100_0181100_0182

Ha Ha , I had you going, Well now I'm off to look at my mag's with a cup of tea ALONE!!!! Xo


  1. I'm a catalog and magazine junkie. I get so excited about diving into them... especially with a cup of coffee. ~Jill

  2. You almost had me going with this one.
    I do know you are on first names bases with the mail man.
    I do love my magazines. I am just finding time to read them.


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