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SiMpLy mE...: 4.2o.2008 Knobs!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

4.2o.2008 Knobs!

Knobs you say! Lanny what are you thinking. Well as you know I clean houses and I have one hardware store, I've been meaning to bring my camera with me the last few times, so today I did... My hubby thinks I'm nuts, but knobs are so cool, we use them everyday, so I think they should be recognize, don't you !knobs1

I have the tub & tooth brush & paste.knobs2

These are great if you live on the ranch. 


         These are really pretty...knobs4

               And these too! knobs5 

No these are knobs, not for you to throw!


Well I saw these and thought of carissa over at Brown Eyed Fox, The bottom one! It has a brown eye. Well time to go, I hope this post wasn't to weird LOL. Enjoy your monday. Hugs!


  1. I love it! My sons would love those rock/stone looking knobs. Yes... I see Carissa's logo all over those knobs at the bottom. They are foxy! ~Jill

  2. Not weird at all Lanny,
    I am just thinking of buying a dresser, just to put cool knobs on.
    They are really awesome

  3. Tag! You're it! Go to my latest blog post to see how to play this one. :) ~Jill

  4. that knob is SO bef! really all of them are great! too fun!

    you own a hardware store?

  5. That reminds me of BEF too! You have a good eye :) I love knobs. They can really make or break a piece of furniture. Thanks for taking your camera along and sharing!


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