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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

good morning sunshine:)  IMG_7420 

I know your saying Oh my goodness those are so cute, & I’m saying I know! my Grandma Turner made these in 1956, a cookie jar, salt & pepper shakers & a creamer Grandma broke the sugar bowl years ago even before I received it… I have these displayed in my kitchen lighted cabinet… I just went around the house this morning taking pictures of things.  IMG_7415IMG_7416IMG_7417

just things in the bedroom, sorry no picture’s of the bed it’s not made yet lazy morning! I hope all is well and hope to see you very soon ;)        lOvE yA!     


  1. Oh..I love that first sweet and vintage!
    It's fun just to take pictures of "Stuff" appreciate it more alone in a picture!
    Sandy toe

  2. those have GOT to be the neatest set of vintage kitchen treasures EVER!
    YES... "how cute are THOSE! :)

    those would for sure bring lots of morning smiles!

    xo my friend! hope your day is just splendid!

  3. they gave me an instant smile... cute cute, i so enjoy pictures of items, so cool!

  4. those are great treasures from your grandma turner...and so very happy! :)

  5. those are definitely adorable!

  6. I am saying, "Oh my goodnes! Those are so cute." Great pictures - Dotty is earning her keep!


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