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Friday, February 27, 2009

hAppy FridAy! just waiting for the hubby to get home sooo took out the camera and took some picture’s…IMG_7444    IMG_7447 IMG_7450IMG_7449IMG_7453 IMG_7452 IMG_7454

lOving this new camera! Thank You Honey ;) Have a great week-end All.                      


  1. hAppy weekEnd to you, too.
    i'm jealous of how shiny clean your things look! :P
    and i love your music widget!!

  2. I'm loving your camera, too! AND all of your SO cute stuff!

    Happy Weekend!!

  3. Okay...I love that sign Love you more! ...I may have to make this or copy it somehow...what does the sign say on top of the shelf???
    cute stuff!
    sandy toe

  4. boy, i'll say that's a great camera...and you've got a great eye for snapping some great shots, too! those bike pix are ready for frames! :)

  5. so much fun getting to know a new camera. great pictures! love your neat stuff too.

  6. your bike again.... it makes me happy every time i see it!!!!!!!

    your home... gosh i always love the peeks inside!

    doing some happy mixing today?

  7. I really need to put your bike on my "wish List" so cute! and the love you more sign.... ahhh :)
    dots make me so happy, have a great weekend,

  8. I've been away far too long My friend!! Love your new camera...I'm afraid if I had a better camera my pictures would look the same as they do now. :(
    Photographer I am not.

    What a cool bike! Looks so California. :)




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