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Saturday, January 31, 2009

I couldn't HELP myself...100_1375

is this NOT the cutest thing ever ? can you guess what it is ? well if you guessed a pill holder your right :)100_1376 

HEY, I like my pills what can I say I don't leave home without them...100_1377

a little of this & that...100_1378

all tucked away in this pretty little case! want one? NO not a pill, the case! click here to order! hAppy dAy ;) 


  1. those are too cute...makes me want to tote around some pills! haha!

  2. definitely cute! but that small thing won't hold all my pills. just kidding, i'm in denial about needing pills and therefore, don't carry pills.

  3. TOO flipping cute!!!!!!!

    i lOvE the fresh love look! :)

  4. Hey girl, cute case!

    Just wanted to drop by and remind you about our Kids Storage Party. Head over to Wendy at the Shabby Nest on Wednesday the 4th and linky up! We're looking forward to seeing how you tackle everyday chaos! Hope to see you there!!

    Pretty Organizer


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