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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Yes I'm still here, were you wondering? Hmmm were you? I feel so out of the loop! I've been visiting some of you! and I've missed posting but I have been so darn busy... I started Christmas shopping today, yes I just started, I don't have many to buy for! Our tree isn't even up yet, I know hard to believe that Lanny doesn't have her tree up yet... were going to get a real tree this year Dennis & I have been together 27 yrs and this will be only our second time getting a real one, so I can't wait were going out this Saturday... My Mother in-law brought us a tree topper today at Lowe's they were half price... 100_1196

I think it will look real nice, it goes nice in our house! now I will show you something I got at the bulls-eye boutique but I must tell you something first, are you sitting down? I have never read a book start to finish, yes I know but I'm a looker not a reader... so here's what Got, one for a client & one for me!100_1194

Rick Warren was on the today show this morning and I thought that would be a nice gift, don't you agree? I hope all is well and I'll post picture's of us getting our tree, the only thing I'm dreading is putting the light's on I need everything just so and I'm hard to please so... Have a great Thursday & Friday and I'll see you soon.

                                                    SiMpLy Me =)    


  1. Have fun getting your tree. I love the smell of a fresh tree. I did not know Rick Warren had a book "the purpose of christmas" oh I need to get it , sounds just what I am in the mood for! :o)
    I'll check back when you return!! happy shopping!!

  2. You'll be just fine. It will turn out beautifully! Don't think of it as a chore, but a fun experience! That topper is great!! I need a new topper for my tree. Maybe I will hit the after Christmas sales, IF there is any money left.... heh heh. And, I think that is a great gift idea. I will have to put it on my list.

    Have fun tree shopping!

  3. I'm realy looking forward to knowing you better. Wish you could come and spend a month in my home and re-do everything...I can tell that you are very artistic.

    I also have noted that you are blessed to have your mother. I am blessed to still have my dad, age 88 next month. He shocked us and married a Boomer almost 3 years ago.

    Just wanted to stop by. Can't wait to see how your tree turns out!

  4. Rick Warren rules... you'll just love him!

    we still do not have our tree yet either... sure hope we get teh pretty this weekend!
    we're all about the smell of a real tree... happiness!

  5. Thanks for stopping by at Motivating your blog. What a beautiful Thanksgiving setting and yummy dessert!
    Rick Warren is amazing The Purpose Driven Life...but had not heard of the newest book. Looks like I'll be adding that one to my Christmas gift list for loved ones.Happy Holidays! Maybe some of your creativity will rub off if I keep reading your blog.


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