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SiMpLy mE...

Friday, November 28, 2008

good evening... how was your Thanksgiving ? I had a wonderful day & I hope you did too=)  it was only five of us and that was nice, we have about 20 some coming Christmas, Shawn came for Dinner and she brought along her camera & took some nice picture's of the day, would you like to see them ? I hope so...IMG_7487 IMG_7490IMG_7491 IMG_7501  IMG_7505 IMG_7534

this was dessert, chocolate cake,ice cream & whip cream on the top! I told everyone we were having a cup of hot chocolate... Now here's afew picture's of things in the house...    

IMG_7507IMG_7508 IMG_7516IMG_7527

hope you enjoy the mini tour! Have a great week-end & hope to see you soon.                SiMpLy Me...


  1. The turkey looked delicious! Loved the mini tour of your home!!.... the wreath on window...cute!!!!
    I'll take a dessert.... great way to serve it... so fun, glad to hear all was wonderful.

  2. oops It's me again forgot to tell you how cute your Christmas Banner is! OKay I love!!!!!! the twinkle lights. Gosh it's cute! hm don't make me call Shawn :o) I'll get in trouble!!!!

  3. I love your table setting...gorgeous.......everything looks lovely ! :)

  4. Everything is just divine!! I love the photos. And the turkey looks good enough to eat through the monitor!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Those pictures are amazing! Shawn does amazing design work!

    Looks like you do some amazing cooking - and of course you make lovely creations - and your set up is too pretty!

    Fun time had by all, I see!

  6. WOW! Do i just adore the look of your blog! Soooooo welcoming!

    M ^..^

  7. look at your fun blinking lights... too fun Lanny!

    i will say... your home looks so warm... so welcoming... makes me want to high tail it over there for some of that awesome cake! :)

    love you... thought of you & missed you a ton!

  8. oh Lanny!
    your mom's wallet... i am so sorry... i hope that it is all easy to resolve... well... easy as CAN be!
    yes i totally agree...the best that she is with YOU... what a wonderful place to be! :)

  9. this all looks so yummy. now i am hungry for turkey at 3:30 on tuesday afternoon! your house looks beautiful and your dinner table was fabulous. looks so fancy!

  10. the dessert in the mug, what a GREAT idea, looks yummy!

  11. Loved the mini tour!! Glad you had a great Thanksgiving. You have awards to pick up over at my blog!! :)

  12. Hey, I am new here! What a great blog :)


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