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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yap it's Me again, and guess whO's here with me? FrOsty the snOwman, you know that jOlly hAppY sOul...nO nOt really, but a cute little idea to make some cookies! i saw this last week on another blOg but i can't remember where... sorry! 100_1217

you will need what you see here! Oh hOw i lOve picture's, on the other blog they used the gel but get the icing instead trust me On that One...100_1220

dO that cute little nOse...100_1221

then those cute little eyes...100_1222

then that not sO prefect mOuth...100_1223

and every snOwman needs earmuff's and there yOu have it, i'm going to bake sugar cOOkies this week-end and dO it on those toO! 100_1224

Hey what happened there? Hmmm...he must have melted away!                                      SiMpLy Me.


  1. the bite... i would have done the same thing! :)
    very cute Lanny!

  2. Unfortunately, had I tried to do that, there wouldn't be any part of the snowman left to take a photo of!!

  3. So cute!!! Great idea!

    easy and adorable!


  4. Now those are my kind of Christmas cookies!!! THe best ever in fact, cause just thinking of baking something from scratch right now seems like moving a mountain, but I can make those darling snowman!!
    have a wonderful Friday and thanks for the idea!! Love those ideas...keep them coming...

  5. Poor frosty,,,,,he looks so yummy!!!

  6. Lanny
    How about gingerman cookies?
    With your talent bet you could do a great job!


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