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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Okay Okay, i said i wasn't going to post this week-end but my hubby's in bed & this is what i'm doing!100_1233 100_1235

get the picture? Hope your doing what you want tonight.


  1. i'm with doesn't get much better than having control of the remote and watching paula's party! thanks so much for visiting my blog...i appreciate you stopping by! :)
    p.s. what kind of dog is gus? he looks a lot like my bearded collie!

  2. Just returned from a neighbors Christmas party, very nice and lovely evening. Great time of year to wish everyone a happy holiday and thanking everyone for being such great neighbors. Happy Saturday to you.

  3. We had a great evening with Christians tonight! Even got my tree up this afternoon ... but lots left on my to-do list before the weekend ends.

  4. I sang all day with my chorus. I am exhausted and am doing just what I want to be doing....nothing. :)

  5. I've decided I'm staying in my PJ's all day today. It snowed last night (Snow in oregon= horrible drivers... they come OUT of the woodwork)... and am going to catch up on DVR and blogs!

    yay us!


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