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SiMpLy mE...:

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

mE agaiN... I know TwICe in One daY, it's snOwing so i want to Curl~uP here...1670532-wreaths-3-xl

ReAdinG tHiS...100_1194

& dRinKing this...starbucks2

hAvE a GreAt NigHT...  


  1. Yeah snow .. I'd love some. Can I see an up close of your wreath? It looks interesting and has peek my inner cat. ;)

  2. Yes! Let's see the wreath! And let's look outside that window and see what we can see....

  3. SNOW... i wish i had my happy butt right there next to you to enjoy... oh... i hope we get some soon!

  4. Hi Lanny! I've missed stopping by. Another bout of crazy busy on this end.

    Love your tree, love your dog with a snowy face, love love your Thanksgiving table setting...beautiful. And your sweet creative as usual.

    I hope I'll get some interesting posts up soon.

    Love ya!

  5. Meeee, toooooo!!! Sounds perfect!

  6. Yes, I just posted them last night, but I started the post last week...I forgot to change the date before I posted...I'll do that now. ;)

  7. now that looks like a perfect day!!!

    yummy space to relax, coffee, and a book - COOL!

  8. Can I join you! That sounds perfect for today! Enjoy yourself... it's what we all should be doing!

  9. I have been such a fickle bloggy bud. Shame on me!

    That's what I get for trying to get things done for christmas AND blog at the same time. I wish I had more hours in the day!

    Your house looks so cozy and fun. I would love to sit and look at your fun tree, I think it's gorgeous!

  10. Oh! I can say... me too! It snowed here in NW Houston today!!!!! Can yo believe it? What a magical afternoon and evening. :) Hugs! ~Jill

  11. your blog is so beautiful! i'm ging to etsy to check out your store.

  12. such a great book...but WHAT do you have in the Starbucks mug? Peppermint Mocha? YUM!
    FOund you through Carrisa.

  13. Oh my, all three of those things looks like a little piece of heaven!


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