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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Well hello, it's about 5:30pm and i must say i'm tired, YAP you heard it here! i've been cleaning our house for 3 days YAP you heard me 3 days, now do you know why i'm tired... i get like this every year around the holidays i want my house just so, the house is so clean you could lick the corner's wanta lick... and get this i'm 90 percent done getting the house ready for Christmas! I took some before & after pictures of the mantel. 100_1138    100_1139100_1140100_1141

those are the before's & here are the after's100_1142

oops! here's during... 100_1145   100_1146100_1147100_1148

i like it because it can stay up all winter, & here in Michigan that could be awhile, if you have any questions on anything you see please let me know! Have a great night and see you sometime next week, SiMpLe Me...


  1. are those real candles in the votives or those great battery ones .. they look great!

    Love the reindeer!

  2. I can't wait to see your tree as well! :)

  3. SO pretty! Now I don't feel so bad, I am going to put up our tree today. I thought it was a bit early but now you have given me the o.k.
    Thanks little lanny

  4. soooo warm... soooo welcoming!
    i love it Lanny!

    that really tall skinny vase... VERY fun... LOVE it!

    i SO want my house to be clean... really clean! i think i get so caught up in just picking things up... the real cleaning... deep cleaning is feeling left out!


    oh wait... chick-fil-a shake... you konw Chick-Fil-A... the fast food place... they have super yummy milk shakes! they do the whole whip cream & cherry thing too! :)

  5. i see you and carissa have the same blog designer. love both your blogs.
    were you happy with eclectic whimsy ??? should I use them ???

  6. lovely blog....who designed it ? was it ecclectic whimsy ???? I'm looking for a great designer also.......

  7. Looks beautiful! I wish I could put our tree up, but we host Thanksgiving and My sis in law likes it to look like Thankgiving!

  8. Looks great Lanny! So cool that it can stay up through the whole winter!! ~Jill :)

  9. beautiful mantel! you inspired me to get moving on my mantel. I love starting there first!!

  10. I love it!
    So beautiful!!thanks for sharing!


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