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Monday, November 17, 2008

it's beginning to look alot like Christmas! what to soon? well it just started snowing here and i felt like saying that!100_1160

hope all is well in blogland... are you wondering about the fairy door? Hmmm are you? a couple of weeks ago my friend was looking at my blog when one of her boys looked over her shoulder and said Mom is there any action at the fairy door! well I came home today and look what was there...  


Hmmm i think there getting ready to go out sliding! i hope they have fun, and look at the wreath on there door, is that ever cute! take care my friends and see you soon, SiMpLe Me =) 


  1. We got a little dusting of the snow too - very little, but it made me glad to be inside the warm house! Love your fairy door!

  2. My fairies are jealous!!!! We are expecting some flurries tonight, but we have no sled. RATS!!!

    (How did you get the wreath to stay up?)

  3. Poster puddy baby! if you need a slided or wreath please let me know!

    Simply Me

  4. I am goin to gogle that right now for Christmas gift ideas!

  5. Snow, white stuff falling from the sky, flurries what are you talking about????? Down here is Texas we are all so excited that it was in the 60's today! That's really cold for us! I would love to live somewhere where you look out your window and see snow, how exciting.

  6. My kids will be jealous with the snow. Your fairies are to lucky to have such a cute sled. I want a FAIRY DOOR!!! love it

  7. A SLED... for your fairies... Lanny... you're the best!

    my girlies would eat that up... must find one! :)

  8. and it is SNOWING!!!!! :)
    amazing! Shawn said it would!

  9. Oh look at that snow!! I'm so jealous!! Love the fairy sled. :)


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