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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Christmas is coming the goose is getting FAT! Oops wrong time of year! but I'm getting READY  ... sneak peek :)


were YOU wondering what happen to the BIKE...100_1137

that BASKET came in handy! don't OPEN until Christmas.100_1129

those SKI'S are about 37 YEARS old, there my HUBBY'S Weee down the hill he GOES! 100_1128

the ladder was my DAD'S... and I couldn't even tell you how OLD that is Hmmm....100_1131

started on the TREE, but I got to tired there's always tomorrow RIGHT... Have a great night, back to CLEANING tomorrow for ME, my OWN house that is... SiMpLe Me


  1. o.k. We can not be friends if you already have gifts wrapped and your tree is up. I still have not taken down the Halloween decor., You are really on the ball

  2. Yes you are really organized... I'm a little jealous. But I'm loving the bike and packages, sooo cute!

  3. I'm still trying to get Halloween deco put away. You've now motivated me to work faster. Christmas is right around the corner!! Everything looks cute... love that bike!!

    ~Jill :)

  4. OK, I have been itching to start putting stuff out .. at least in my sewing room/shop .... so I think I will (hopefully) tackle it this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration Lanny!! I want to see more though!! :)

  5. looks great!!

    how is hubby's new job going?? hope you are both ending '08 on a good note!

  6. what great "keepsakes"! the ladder... the skis... VERY neat!

    everything looks great... oh gosh... i always panic about now... thinking about all the things that need to get done! this year... my goal is to relax & focus on the important things!


  7. neat bike! your tree is up (I need your inspiration!) Love all the personal stories you told about your home


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