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Monday, October 6, 2008

Okay, I went to post this on Sunday and my computer died, yes you heard me died, I missed thee old girl, so here you go on the boo suckers! I hope it was worth the wait enjoy, I had to do it in 2 parts! please don't ask me why LOL..


there you have it, hope you make these for your little ghost's Have a wonderful night, sorry it took so long... Simply Me


  1. how fun are you!
    you cute thing you!
    i know i've said it before... but i'll say it again... your accent is AWESOME! i love it!

    was just thinking of yall (you & hubby) earlier! you're in my prayers!

    i might have to break down and actually bake... seems like i might could tackle it! :) they are too cute not to.

  2. This can't be any easier...yea for me, the baking impaired.

    Thank you for sharing!

    So much fun to see and hear the accent! ;)

  3. Lanny you are just too cute!! We Texas girls really love your accent. I bet you say "Oh My Gash!" like my galpal Nancy. You are so crafty!! I'm going to try these. I'm a sucker for suckers!! Hugs to you! ~Jill :)

  4. Sorry about your computer .. Boo Yuck!

    Thanks for sharing the suckers .. can't wait to make them with Maddie for her class!!!

  5. ok... those are adorable!! you make them look soo easy... I will have to try and see! HOw adorable! They look soo yummy! I love your lil video of it:) Thanks for stopping bye my blog:)

  6. Those are very cool!
    From - Elijah

  7. :) Very sweet! :)


    Thanks for posting!


  8. I get a kick out of all the comments about your accent. :) To me you just sound like Lanny from Hooterville, Michigan. :) Cute suckers. Did ya save me one?? ;)

  9. I love this post....It was so cool to see you and hear your accent.....I really wish my kids could come trick-or-treating at your house, those look yummy

  10. Those are so cute! Thanks for showing us how to make them. This would be fun to do with my 5 year old :)


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