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Monday, August 11, 2008

five minutes of fame !  I feel like a movie star, whatever that's means! LOL, I'm featured on today's creative blog! I'm so so happy I decided to celebrate...candy-bar 

mined you it's 10:30 pm, I only ate half, no really I did, I would like to Thank Kim for the plug! I hope if your visiting for the first time I hope you like what you see & read, please let me know, just leave me a love note! see you soon, I hope... XoXo, Simply Me :) 


  1. awesome awesome awesome! you deserve it. You are so creative. eat the whole thing if ya want :)

    Congrats gal pal


  2. Neat Lanny! I agree, you are very deserving of this, Ms. Creative.

    Don't know how anyone only eats half of that yummy Hershey's bar though. ;)

  3. You have a darling blog! I have added you to my blog roll...hope you don't mind! You have wonderful ideas!

  4. Congrats on TGB! I'm off to look a round! :) Jen R

  5. A love note for you, because I like your flip flops!

  6. Congrats Girl! Found you because Kim featured you on 'Today's Creative Blog" and I am so glad I did! Added you to my 'places I like to visit' blogroll. I just love the flip flops, they are ingenious and way sweet! Thanks for the inspiration! xo, g

  7. Came over from Today's Creative Blog and had a great time reading your stuff. I think I am going to have to try those chocolate pumpkin things! Sounds yummy!

  8. Lanny, great site! I just found you with Today's Creative Blog and fell in love when I saw your strip and get naked cocktail. Too bad I am pregnant or I might be having that for breakfast this morning...!

  9. hello, congradulations on The Creative Blog thing. I have lurked and have fallen in love. Several things I am coming back to.
    Many Blessings to you and yours!!!

  10. Stopped by for a visit, found you from Today's Creative Blog. Great stuff! Thanks for letting us stop by!

  11. Hi, I just clicked over from Kim's creative blog. Those balloon-flavored flip flops are genius. keep up the awesome blogging!

  12. Congrats Lan! and I am proud of you for only eating half.. a better woman than I... xo

  13. I found you from, love it! I have added you to my blogroll to stay updated on your creative ideas! Way to go!

  14. well... you KNOW i LOVE you!
    BIG love note & hugs too!

    i was so happy to see you over there at TCB... after all you ARE clever as ever!

    gimme some of that chocolate! :)

  15. Love your blog!!! Nothinga better than chocolate in the morning!

  16. Little Lanny, and to think I knew you back when???
    Now you are famous. Can I have your autograph??
    Congrats...I'm so proud of you..

  17. Hooray for Lanny!! So happy for you... you deserve it. I've missed you... just can't seem to get it together after the Orlando trip. Hope to be full force back in Blogland soon. :) ~Jill

    P.S. Maybe some chocolate would help me. :) LOL


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