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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good morning ! well first I would like to Thank You all for your kind words & for visiting me I hope this keeps up! I've been  so busy lately with getting ready for a open house we like to call girl's night out, one girl being Amy host the party and there are girl's there that sell there products, like Mary Kay, purses , uppercase living, jewelry, cards, and Tastefully simply, we all send out invites to our friends and they can come and go shopping, eat, drink, and spend money now doesn't that sound like fun! I will post picture's when this takes place, August 26th. Well on to a Salmon recipe! do you like Salmon ? because if you do you'll like this and even if you don't like salmon I think you should give it a try! what you well need :


yes your seeing this right, orville's popcorn oil, this was full and that's how much we used, we did it out in the garage in a electric frying pan, next.dinner 

a bag, and seasonings you like, Ritz crackers.dinner1

chop it all up in the bag & add your seasonings. dinner2

add your salmon to the bag & coat the salmon, fry for about 4 mins on each side and you'll never eat salmon again  any other way! and like a dork I forget to take a picture of the finished Salmon, so you'll have to try and then you'll see! it's very yummy and I'm sure you will like it, please let me know if you try it! Thanks so much for your visit and I hope you come back real soon! XoXo  Simply Me :)


  1. Butt Rub? Lanny I'm not sure how I feel about this salmon.. :)

  2. That sounds good, I just love Salmon. yum,yum.

  3. we are Salmon freaks... eat it once a week!

    thanks for a new recipe! yummo!!!!!!

  4. I'd swim upstream to taste this dish!! I'm officially going to start calling you Lanny Crocker!! ~Jill :)


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