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SiMpLy mE...: picture Sunday #2

Sunday, July 6, 2008

picture Sunday #2

good evening, sorry I'm a little tardy please forgive me won't you :) I started to post earlier today and then for some odd reason I lost it all, but we won't go there!!! I'll tell you the last few day have been wonderful, great weather, great food, and just plain old great fun! hope everyone's week~end was also great. Pictured below is what took place this week~end at my house!dennis-car

first my hubby washing the truck, Thanks honey!car 

all nice and clean might I add :) and next!sara-feet

the neighbor's are home from there camping trip, we missed them. Hey what cute flip flop's, where did you ever get those?  Hmmm.


strike a pose! and sister too!

100_0623 ol-feet

oh so cute! might I add... and next!food

time to eat! Yummydone-food

almost done! can't you just smell them?fire-pit

time for a fire! it was a great night for a fire...sara-eat

and you can't have a fire with out S'mores! Yummy...den-at-fire

hubby gives it a okay:)  can't you just hear him! game

this was taken today, game on!guster

this is our mascot!  (aka) Gus! lanny-game 

game on, and move it or lose it LOL... my first time playing my hubby let me cheat! well hope you enjoyed . I'm sure I'll see you again real soon. Lanny :) FYI : I added a few new things! instead of comment's it's now love note's & label's just to tell you what's in the post & the little white envelope  mean's you can e-mail that post to a friend if you would like to share, just click on it!  Thank you.


  1. Hi Lanny! Hope you had a great 4th of July holiday. Loved your post and your pics. :) ~jill

  2. What fun you had this weekend!:-) Lori

  3. Looks like loads of fun, yummy treats & great games!


  4. Looks like a fun weekend! Love the flip flops too!

  5. Is that a Pathfinder? I have a Pathfinder!

  6. Beautiful!

    I like the background and new additions to your blog. How do you change "comments" to something more fun like you did? Is it easy?

  7. How cute are those flip flops?

  8. I can taste the smores as I type
    can not get enough of them.

  9. i love your backyard...and your grass...oh the grass is gorgeous...and the fennce is to die for and are about as cute as they come...i just luv ya


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