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Monday, July 7, 2008

rated~ R...

strip and get naked, no not you that's what this fun summer drink is called, but I had you going didn't I...get your pen & paper this is a good one. What you will need is a can of frozen lemonade thawed,vodka,1 can of beer and a 2 liter of sprite, empty lemonade into a container of choice, fill lemonade can back up with vodka, pour in with lemonade add you beer & sprite and drink until your hearts content but watch it, it comes up on you fast that's why they call it STRIP AND GET NAKED! please drink only if your staying put! Thank You :)                                       


Hope you like this fun summer drink, please let me know, won't you! hope to see you again real soon :)


  1. Oooh, sounds so good!

  2. Oh yum!! We'll test this recipe out this week!! To answer your question about the retro beach chick photo on my blog... I just go to google images and look up photos by interest. I then copy and paste. Just that easy. :)

  3. OH MY GOODNESS. I Know what I am going to put on my grocery list.:-) Lori

  4. oh i WILL be making this.
    it sounds so yummy.
    i bet i have a bunch of neighbor girls who would help me out. :)

  5. this really sounds good

  6. I think I'm going to give that one a try. My mouth is watering already...


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