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Monday, July 21, 2008

First of all I want to thank Shawn for taking all of these great picture's she is so good at it. Ann Arbor what fun I had with my friend's Dianne & Shawn, it rained most of the day but we still had a wonderful time, very relaxing and we had all the time in the world, here are some picture's of the Red Shoe Shop if you ever go to Ann Arbor this shop is a must see, we met the owner too.      ann arbor8

This is the front of the store very hip & cool, might I add.ann arbor6 

Ok, is this not cool or what! I love this picture.ann arbor5 

her display's were eye candy, great things to look at!ann arbor7

these are fairy door's they are all over the place, it's fun to spot them, Shawn spotted the first one!ann arbor4 

here's some more picture's of the town...ann arbor2  

do you see the lady in the window? I wonder what she's doing up there!  

ann arbor

I missed this one, it a chocolate house, Hmmm I think Shawn wander off and took this one :)IMG_4280

Shawn managed to get this shot, when it stopped raining!IMG_4406 

No we didn't hit the bar's we just liked the sign, no really...IMG_4305

we met this little girl at a camping store, it was a big open market, she asked Shawn to take her picture and then wanted to see it! just like a woman, is she cute or what! I hope you enjoyed the picture's hope to see you later this week! I would like to say to Carissa over at brown eyed fox that I'm very happy she's Home! go visit her and leave her a comment! won't you, Thanks a bunch! XOXO...


  1. AWWW - those pics are amazing. The little gal is adorable! You had such a great time didn't ya? Awesome - I'm glad, you deserve it!

    Have a happy day girl!

  2. could i stick a stamp on myself and come give you a big hug? i would! you are such a bright light! SO sweet!

    i've missed you... your daily musings... etc.

    Red Shoes... she sure seems like a doll! and HER SHOP... like i told her "just to stroll through there... I'd go nuts"! WAY FUN!!!!!

    btw... your card was such a special surprise... thank you so much! big smiles! i can not say ENOUGH!!!! thank you!

  3. Lanny thanks so much for letting me tag along. I had such a great time with you and Dianne and I think we made the best of the rain. Plus if it were sunny I wouldn't have been able to work on the laptop during the drive cuz of too much glare so to be honest it's the rain forecast that clinched the deal for me. :)

    And to be honest I missed the chocolate shop too. I know that makes no sense but I totally took the photo because it looked like a cozy little corner with all that ivy and I didn't notice until I was processing the photo that the sign said the Chocolate House. I assure if I'd realized that's what it was at the time I'd have asked if we could stop. :)

    I'm so glad I got to finally see Catherine's shop. She was so sweet. I think I still need that ring I tried on. Should've gotten a picture of that. :)

  4. Next time I'm in Michigan I'm going to check that shop out! My inlaws live in the Lansing area... it's just a *tiny* drive to Ann Arbor. And it looks worth it, right? ;O)

  5. Looks like you had alot of fun...thanks for sharing!

  6. Busy girl!!! What a cute shoe shop... I want to go!!! MIss YOu!

  7. Wow!! I've missed you Lanny!! These are great photos. I'd love to visit her wonderful shop one day. Thanks for sharing with us. :) ~Jill

  8. What neat pictures! They make me want to come visit.

    Say hi to Shawn for me.

  9. i am jealous you got to go....and with friends no less!!!
    i love that tye dye dress! my girls would too.

  10. Wow, those are some great pictures!! I love that little town, it looks so cute!! Although I would have stopped in the Monkey Bar for at least one quick drink!!

    And that little girl is perfect!! A girl after my own heart...asking strangers to take her picture and then asking to see it!!


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