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SiMpLy mE...: A-Z and everything in between!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A-Z and everything in between!

A. Attached or single ? Attached thank goodness!

B. Best friend ? My Husband, & Darcy.

C. Cake or Pie ? Cake for sure, cherry chip!

D. Day of Choice ? Friday.

E. Essential Item ?  Cell phone & Computer & tooth picks!

F. Favorite Color ? Green's

G. Gummy bears or worms ?  bear's.

H. Hometown ? Hudsonville.

I. Favorite indulgence ? anything to do with being creative.

J. January or July ?  July the 29th it's my birthday just in case you were wondering!

K. kids ? do neighbor kids count! 0...

L. Life isn't complete without ? Jesus, my husband, my Mom & Gus!

M. Marriage date ?  July 28th the day before my birthday.

N. Number of brothers & sisters ?  3 brothers & 1 sister.

O. oranges or apples ?  apples hands down with Caramel on them.

P. Phobias ?  bug's & dirty feet.

Q. Quotes ?  you can't use up creativity, the more you use the more you have.

R. reasons to smile ?  everything around me!

S. season of choice ?  Oh that's easy Fall !

T. tag 5 peeps !  Carissa, Jill, Shawn, Melissa, & Mallory.

U. unknown fact about me ? Hmmm I love to watch boxing & golf.

V. vegetable ? corn on the cobb and fresh green beans.

W. worst habits ? I don't have any LOL...

X. X-ray or ultrasound ? don't matter, I've had both.

Y. your favorite food ? whole made taco's.

Z. Zodiac sign ? Leo, but I don't really care!

I hope you still like me ! XoXo...


  1. now i really want to drink coffee with you :)

  2. how fun! love these things!

    a juicy... greasy taco with guac! yummo!

    keep smiling! :)

  3. Oh this looks like fun!! I'll try to get my list out soon. I'm all about dipping apples in caramel too!! :) Jill

  4. I love learning more about you!

    I had no idea you liked to watch boxing. It makes my belly hurt. You got married the DAY before your b-day! That's awesome. Double awesome= you have a b-day and anniversary VERY SOON!

    thanks for the tag... that's me right? I'm doin it anyway!


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