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SiMpLy mE...: won't you be my neighbor...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

won't you be my neighbor...

it was a rainy day today, my little neighbor friends invited me to come over for a skit! what fun we had, I would like you to meet them.                                                                       


this is Miss Sara...100_0527

this is Mr Elijah...100_0528

and this is Mr Micah... and they would like you to see there skit, so sit back and enjoy! mined you I'm no movie producer!

Hope you enjoyed our raining day with us! Thanks again for your visit! Sara, Elijah & Micah :)                                                 


  1. o.k. very cute. I love the karate chops at the end and the little one is soooo cute/ What a great neighbor you are.

  2. How cute are they?! I love that they ask you to come play. What fun! I wish we had a rainy day.

  3. i am guessing they just had vacation bible school...
    that sounds and looks like VBS to me. :)

    you are sweet to them.
    that was so cute.

  4. OH my goodness you are so neat! I wish I had a neighbor like you! Your little friends are adorable - and you are so sweet to make them famous!

    Thank you for your prayers - We sure do need them! You are such a wonderful person and I couldn't be more blessed to have gotten to know you through blogging. You're an amazing light. Thank you! Thank you times infinity!

  5. That is too cute! Love the air guitar!

  6. how fun it would be to be a kid again! :)

  7. OMG -- I am racing to the mailbox everyday. I promised my daughter and Mother/Daughter night with the ice cream of her dreams....We can't wait. I bet it will be tomorrow.

  8. Love it!! Looks like lots of fun. They are cute kiddos. ~Jill

  9. :o(

    Nope, not today...I am most certain it will be tomorrow. I feel like a kid at Christmas...:o)

    You are wonderful!

  10. Gosh, I had to play it twice just to watch that little Micah. Those curls bouncing everywhere were too cute. What a fun skit.. thanks for sharing.


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