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Friday, June 27, 2008

five thing's that annoy me, if you even care but here it goes!

1. when I'm driving and I see the passenger next to me with there feet (bare feet) up on the dashboard!

2. when I see a driver eating a big old hamburger,going down the road!

3. when I'm walking by a car, and it's just trashed inside, you say Lanny why are you looking inside car's ? well sometimes you just can't help it!

4. a dirty dirty car, now I know some people live down dirt road's but I'm talking dirty! and then someone writes on the back window, wash me! like that's going to help...

5. when I'm going down the road and the car ahead of mine blinkers going and they don't turn if off for awhile! 

Sorry I had to vent! TGIF... Have a great week-end and I hope I didn't offend anyone. Hope to see you tomorrow or later tonight :)



  1. oh and by the way...don't ever look IN my car or AT my car or drive behind my car or let me sit in the passenger seat next to you.
    i would drive you into a road rage situation.

  2. Meg, you are so funny, thanks for the laugh, I needed that today!


  3. once i saw a guy driving and he was smoking, talking on the cell and shifting to the next gear, come on all ready!

  4. I have a little OCD about my car. I have to have the tires nice and shiny, with lots of Armour All on them. I visit the carwash at least once a week. Something about driving a clean car that makes me happy.!

  5. I have clean car issues too.

  6. Oh boy... I do put my feet on the dashboard when we go on long trips and I'm taking a nap. Usually my mouth is hanging open and I have the old drool thing going I'm sure. But girl... atleast my toenails are looking good up on that dashboard. :) ~Jill

  7. Lanny..3of your 5 annoying things get me also--blinker in front of me going on--Bad dirty car&inside of car trashedHave to tell you I am guilty of bare feet on dashboard when driveing a distant, also eating a quick hamburg when on the run & not enough time! :) Char

  8. Hi! I hate when they put mascara on! drives me nuts. love your pet peeves. i have too many!!


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