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Monday, June 23, 2008


Walmart, cleaning supplies,shorts for the hubby,make~up case for me, odds & ends $100.00 dollars.100_0510  

Kohl's, shoes for the hubby,shirt for the hubby,bed sheets for us, $100.00 dollars.                                                       100_0511 

Applebee's, steak dinner for him, shrimp dinner for her and a strawberry cheese cake shooter for her, $ 25.00 dollars with tip  30.00 bucks!100_0512 

Target, tee~pee, baggies, make~up, odds & ends,$ 60.00.100_0513 

getting home and putting it all away, free.100_0514 

playing Frisbee with Gus, PRICELESS!100_0517 

Have a great day :) Thanks for your visit...  


  1. Those kinda days are the best :-)

  2. Was so much fun shopping with you two---the way you had it onyour blog was just like I was there. Can't leave home without spending $ but was Fun.Looks like Gus was enjoying Dad being home :}

  3. looks like a fun day!

    especially target! :)

  4. Gus is so cute! What kind of dog is he? Steak and shrimp... yum!!
    :) ~Jill

  5. Oh, I just love new blogging buddies!

    This post named all my favorite places to shop...we're going to get along just fine. ;)

    I think I remember seeing your banner on Shawn's portfolio page. She is awesome...I still just love my blog design.

    OK, looking at the picture with your husband and dog, I love all the green grass and no fences between homes. We've had no rain for months and we have privacy fences everywhere.

    I'll be back to visit again soon.

  6. no mail goody yet...maybe tomorrow...I am so excited!

  7. Phew, I'm tired just reading about your day! Why is it that we can never leave Target without spending $100. I try and try to do it, but just can't.

    Where do you live that your grass is so beautifully green? Ours is dried out, dead, straw!!

  8. My dream day
    especially if someone else was picking up the check:)

  9. Gusifer! Aww he's so cute!


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