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SiMpLy mE...: 5.8.2008

Thursday, May 8, 2008


ok, I wasn't going to do a post tonight, but I found myself in front of this darn screen again.Hmmm no pictures I'm sorry. Were having a progressive dinner saturday night and the main course is here, I will give you details in a later post, pictures and all... Have a great night, see ya soon! I'm going to have party favors on everyone's plate I'll post that tomorrow! once again have a great night!


  1. Fun! Carissa and I have been to some really fun progressive dinners. Haven't we, Sistah?!? We've had themes... you name it. Can't wait to see what your menu is. Can't wait to see the party favors, Mrs. Creativity!! :)

  2. I love progressive dinners...we hosted the main course at our house, but I did not have party favors. I was to busy freaking if the house was clean.
    You are going to be the coolest hostess of the night,
    can't wait to see pictures,..

  3. a progressive dinner... can i get there in time! :)

    too much fun... atleast that's how i think of progresive dinners! enjoy!


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