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SiMpLy mE...: 5.6.2008

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Here you are miss Melissa, a tuesday post... just showing off my new rocket dogs.100_0260

are these cute or what...100_0257 

another shot...100_0258

my hubby took this one... Have a great afternoon. over & out...


  1. shoot those are CUTE!!!!!!

    rocketdog comes out with some real cuties! you're fresh & ready for Spring in those!

  2. Love the new shoes.
    They are just adorable

  3. You are one cool rocketdog.... You know how much I love shoes......I need those..

  4. I love Rocketdogs!! I have several pair of them. Cool and comfy!! Those floral tennies are just too darn cute!!!!!!!!!!!! :) ~Jill

  5. Wow... who is that fine chick next to my comment? Ha!! I decided to go for the photo thingie like 123 Mom. Wouldn't it be funny if we put fake pictures as our URL... super hot chicks and see how long it will take for people to figure it out that it isn't us? Hee Hee Come on... I want to be one of The Girl's Next Door gals. I'll be Holly. Come on, Puffin!! :) ~Jill

  6. Those are SO HIP! I'm glad you had a good tuesday! Thanks for indulging me with a Tuesday post - and now it's Wednesday.. AHAHA - I'm a hard charger :)

    I'm just teasin'

    Have a great day and walk those puppies all over town!

  7. Okay Lanny!! I had to go to my comment settings and click on "allow photo URL" to show on comments. I guess i didn't have that activated. Love the Rocketdog photo by the comments!! Too cute!! :) ~Jill

  8. Now we need to get Carissa and Hip Mom of Boyz to add their photo!! :) Melissa's is so prit-tee!! :) ~Jill


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