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SiMpLy mE...: 5.29.2008 late...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

5.29.2008 late...

Howdy, I'm sooo tired that I'll post my recipe tomorrow, I hope! so much going on the passed few days I don't know if I'm coming or going, so bare with me please. Hope all is well with all of you, have a great friday and hope to see you soon! I feel funny not having a picture in my post so hold on I'll look for something!


ok found something, don't tell my husband Shhh, this is Gus & Dennis playing last sunday. My husband doesn't like to be on my blog well his picture anyway, I don't know why, maybe he thinks he'll be recognized in a store or something ( hey I know you I saw you on a blog ) LOL...                                                         Lanny :)


  1. Lanny,can see so much love in that picture!
    Man and his dog:

  2. I love that picture!! Hi Dennis!!

    I promise if I see you in a store...I'll act like I've never seen you before. hee hee ~Jill :)

  3. that is SUCH a great pic! daddy & doggie... pure love indeed!

    i still want some Gus sugar! :)

    happy day to you my friend! love!

  4. You are too funny Lanny
    Could I use this for blackmail by any chance


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