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SiMpLy mE...: 5.2.2008

Friday, May 2, 2008


Well Hello! How is everyone's day going? mine is all done Yeah! Work, Laundry, shopping done! now I can sit down and enjoy a cup of tea, join me won't you! I've been blogging now for about 3 months  and I'm having so much fun, meeting new people and learning so much, Thanks Shawn... I even have my mother in~law hooked. Hi Mom... What's everyones plans for the week~end? were going to clean the garage and powerwash the floor and boy does it need it, all the winter stuff! I'm going to make muffins in the morning and I will post it, only because they have just 3 ingredient and if your doing weight watchers there only 2 points, and the kids will like them too! Well time to go, but here's alittle something fun to look at Thanks to Carissa over at B.E.F. Nighty Night All... simply me

I don't even know those people! LOL...


  1. Girrrlllll... they are checking you out. Hee Hee! That is so cool. Great photo. Have a wonderful weekend Lanny & friends! :) ~Jill

  2. okay... that's wild... looks like they are really looking in on you!

    we have very similar glasses... we rule! :)

  3. WOW Lanny,
    This is really cool.

  4. Thta's cool! Look at you on display. I can almost see it all lit up in Time Square at x-mas time...


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