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SiMpLy mE...: 5.1.2008 Part #3

Thursday, May 1, 2008

5.1.2008 Part #3

Fun with your photos

Okay this is sooo cool, Thanks Carissa, This is a picture of my husband, he's at work so he doesn't even know I'm doing this. And he'll never know... Shhh... Ok this is my last post tonight... Good Night sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite!


  1. I love this idea,,,, did you have it made somewhere ????
    Great picture.

  2. I've got a fun surprise to show you gals tomorrow. If you loved, you're going to go nuts over this!!!!!!!! :) ~Jill

  3. Go back to my post now Lanny. It is finished. For some reason it posted before I added everything. :) Go and have fun at the website. I could stay there for hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smiles, Jill :)

  4. this is way to cool lanny,
    Just wait till your honey sees this.

  5. Lanny that fisherman looks like he is having one Good Time. He is a handsome fisherman also. Cute idea!



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