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SiMpLy mE...: 5.21.2008

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


And the Winner is... drum~roll Please...


Everyone has a great day, Thanks for your visit.                                                     Lanny...


  1. Congrats to Carissa!! :)

    Lanny~ I was so excited to see you on video and get to hear your sweet voice. It's like I finally got to meet you in person!! That was fun!! I'm loving getting to put a voice and personality with your blog. I think watching you today made me as happy as winning the giveaway!!

    Smiles, Jill :)

  2. Okay... I'm loving that retro T.V. that your video is playing in. Too cool! You're too cool! :)

  3. okay first off... HOW CUTE ARE YOU!!!!!

    the crazy thing... when I have talked to you on the phone... i instantly loved your voice & accent... NOW to put your cute face & your fun accent together... TOO FUN!

    i am sooooo excited! i LOVE coffee... true staple in my life! the funny thing... i always tell my hubbie when we are going to bed at night i can't wait to get up & have my cup of coffee in the morning... that is how much i look forward to it! kind of nutty!

    big bucket of LOVE & a huge THANK YOU!

  4. oh i missed it!
    i spent so much time messing with my messed up blog that i didn't visit anyone!
    you have such an accent!
    you sound like my cousin in St. Paul. :)
    fun to see your face and hear your voice.
    maybe i will try that sometime.
    i'll wait for my raspy summer allergy voice to kick in first. HA.
    have a wonderful thursday!

  5. That's awesome! Carissa is gonna love it! SHe's gonna get all perked up and create enough goodies for a whole new shop! :) We can dream, right?


    I love the video - too cute, you are!

  6. lanny...
    we are all SAFE! you're so sweet... you thought of us! i had just heard about the tornado late yesterday> may God put his hand upon that community now! wow!

    lol to you! talk soon!

  7. Lanny
    Love the TV,
    Too bad I did not win the coffee. I guess I will just have to treat you to coffee myself

  8. I'm so behind on your blog Lanny. Took a nice little break and watched your video. Too fun! Love how when it starts it almost looks like you're adjusting those old knobs on the television. LOL So sweet that Carissa won. Off now to go check out her post about it. :)


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