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SiMpLy mE...: 5.13.2008

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


J 47/366 - A Day In The Life C K

I would like you all to meet Jack, my great, yes I said my great nephew ... I'm getting old folks... it was a sunny & warm day today so we went for a ride and saw Jack... he reminds me of alittle old man, but I think that alot when I see little baby boys!100_0341

what a cutie, he went for his 2 month check~up today and that darn doctor gave him 3 shots, poor boy. 100_0340

we brought along some books for him, I used his birth announcement for the gift tag and just wrote on the back of it and wrapped it with matching ribbon! Clever as ever don't you think? have a great night I'm going to bed early tonight I hope...                    ~hugs


  1. HE's precious! You did a cool job wrapping up those books. Don't tell me he's already readin ;)

  2. omg... he is so cute! love that newborn baby smell... so soft... so sweet!

    those touch n' feel books are super... always a favorite!

    happy day to you! :)

  3. Good morning Lanny! Too cute!! I've got my great-niece on my blog right now too. Great idea on the gift tag... I'll have to do that too!! You always have such creative juices flowing over here on the Simply Lanny blog!!!!!!!!!!

    You rock! ~Jill :)

  4. Oh he is so sweet. I just love new born babies, they are so cuddly...
    Great idea to give him books. We do want him to be really smart...
    Have a great day

  5. He is a sweatheart Lanny. Know you are so proud! Mom and dad also. Can almost feel that new soft skin and that wonderful baby smell. Cute idea on book wrapping, you have such clever ideas! Char

  6. Lanny~ sorry to bug you again about those cute letters. Where did you get them again? Love them!!! :) ~Jill

  7. Loved the idea of wrapping books Lanny.
    Cute baby.


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