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SiMpLy mE...: 4.17.2008

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Cup Cakes! Who doesn't like cup cakes, I know I do, and You? well if you answered yes this post will tickle your fancy, I couldn't decide what to post on today I feel my last post wasn't very colorful, so to keep you coming back for a visit I thought I better pick~up the pace, so here it goes. Enjoy!!!cup cakes

Yes kids these are cup cakes, I'm thinking those are jellybeans on top and for the butter well your guess is as good as mine Hmmm.cup cake2

This ones pretty easy to figure out!cup cakes4

You got me on this one!cakes_01467_xl

This one would be cute at Easter time.


This one would be so cute for a shower,or even a wedding... Thanks so much for your visit, and if you have the time please jump over to my friend Linda's blog at restylehome she was my winner afew weeks ago and she posted her gift she won, kind of cool might I add. Have a great Day! Most of these cup cakes can be found on Martha Stewart.


  1. Wow! Great creative cupcake ideas, Lanny! Those corncobs are precious! Can't wait to visit your friend's blog. :) ~Jill

  2. Lanny, those corn cupcakes were on Martha Stewart, they used laffy takffy for the butter and jelly bellys for the corn. I think the ideas are on her website

  3. i dream of cupcakes! with butter cream icing! :)

  4. You just made me want a cupcake.
    So much for my stopping my late-night eating.

  5. I have not seen these cupcakes..they made me laugh!! Thanks for sharing. Laurie

  6. those corn cob cupcakes are awesome! Hey, thanks for linking me!

  7. I absolutely LOVE cupcakes!!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!! YUMM-O!! Lisa

  8. What great ideas! Thanks for sharing!!!

  9. Hooray!! I did a little "recon" work and found out how those spaghetti and meatball cupcakes were made... My sister said she saw this done by Sandra Lee (my alter ego Ha!) and she used icing for the noodles and Ferrero Rocher chocolates dipped in rasberry sauce for the meatballs. Wah-Lah!! How cool is that? :) ~Jill


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