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Monday, March 9, 2009

Zippity dO dA Zippity dAy my O my it’s time for a GIVEAWAY! well as you know from the post below I got these a few day’s ago…IMG_7551

but I’m only using one of them hmmm…IMG_7554

so why not share ! simply leave a love note on this post and enter to win THIS!IMG_7557

a cute little hook & towel for your kitchen, your love note has to tell me what’s your most favorite part of you kitchen ? fun RIGHT ;)  Have a great day and I’ll let you know the winner on Wednesday.          mE :)         


  1. I just love the towel holder it is SO cute! Anyways my favorite part of my kitchen is the wall I just decorated with family pictures, and put a dresser underneath to hold tablecloths, napkins and cookbooks!

  2. What a cute towel holder!! Ok, since my kitchen is in major need of a remodel this is hard. Currently my favorite part of it is the fridge..not for the food it contains, but for all the stickers and artwork from my boys that are all over it, and right in the middle is from my oldest that says "I love you Mom!"...makes me smile everytime I see it.

  3. I'll happily leave a love note for this! I'm really enjoying our new(er) tile backsplash and hopefully will be enjoying a new floor in the kitchen this year!!! My whole family loves the kitchen and we spend alot of time in there together having fun, laughing and learning!


  4. I found your blog through brown eyed fox. This is my first time to comment here, but who can resist that darling holder. :-)
    I love a wreath that I have in my kitchen by our table. I have hung family photos on it and I love looking at it while I eat.

  5. oh gosh... when we went to Target the other day... the Orla Kiely collection was screaming my name... you know i LOVE her!

    my fave part of my kitchen would have to be my glass jars... my love for containers goes deep! :) oh WAIT... and my coffee drawer! :)

    sure hope your Monday is great!

    BIG... huge hugs!

  6. GEEZ!! Lucky me to check things out today ........ Pick me Lanny to be your lucky winner. This is such a smart idea. Thanks for sharing. I really could use that sweet flower to add to my garden.

    The best part of my kitchen is the color ... BRIGHT YELLOW with black and white accents. I also have a SWEET bulletin board I made that is covered with black and white damask fabric. I LOVE IT!! Will post a pic on my blog later. :)

  7. the thing i love about my kitchen is very's RED!!!!!
    that makes it me!!!!!
    love your blog!!!!
    love the eclectic whimsy design look!!!!!

  8. You are so cleaver Lanny! Super cute idea to hang a towel! Hope all is well with you! Hope I win :) ~ Amy

  9. Love the towel and towel holder! So so cute! I really really want to win!

  10. What a cute addition to a kitchen! My favorite part of my kitchen is the huge island. It has been used probably for more crafts than cooking, but that is okay with me!

  11. OOH!! Yay!!!
    I love most about my kitchen is its ability to welcome my entire family into it with warm arms, even though it is of the smaller persuasion. (Shh, don't tell her she's small, she thinks she's ginormous!) I also love all of my coffee decor and the Italian-esque flair. I love my kitchen. :)

    It would look just loverly with one of those cutesies hangin' from my cupboard!

  12. What a fun hook...I love it!
    sandy toe

  13. Ooh, I'd be thrilled to win! I see you are taking some pretty amazing photos with your new camera! I sooo want one just like it!

    Hugs Lanny,

  14. I have 2 tone cabinetry in my kitchen. Cottage white painted on top and stained maple on the bottom. The look was a compromise for me and my husband as I wanted a cottage look and he liked the wood. It's very pretty... I'll post a pic soon. I hope you'll stop by.

    Love the hook and towel! Want!!!

  15. ooo I want to be entered.. Lanny how are you? I haven't talked to you in a long time but i want you to know that I read you everyday! :) xoxo My kitchen needs some major remodeling.. but I would have to say the kitchen table.. even though we are three single girls.. there ahve been some great meals and memories made around that table.

  16. wow - I just sent those to my sister in the UK and found it sooo hard to let them go!! Fingers crossed here in Florida ....
    My kitchen is in the center of our home so anything that looks pretty makes the whole house look pretty! My favorite part is when the sun shines in during the afternoon, it just lights is all up.

  17. Hi Lanny! How lucky to catch this post. Cute towel holder. You are so much fun with your giveaways.

    My favorite part of my kitchen is the breakfast table. It has a stainless steel top and red legs. Now that we have kids, it's our "activity" table where they create, craft and color.

  18. Am I too late to enter??? !!!so sweet and cute love just like YoU!!
    have a great day!

  19. helloooooo... how fun is your new player! way!

  20. Yay! I'm so excited about this giveaway! my favorite feature of our kitchen is our refrigerator - its a french door fridge with a freezer drawer on the bottom, we hadd to buy it ourselves because a fridge did not come with the house, and I love it!

  21. How nice of you... very cute! Let's see, the favorite part of my kitchen...probably two things, the white subway tile, and the white cabinets.

  22. my most favorite part of my kitchen is the way the light shines through the window...but the "thing" i love the most is a hutch that was given to me by a friend (motivating mommies)!

  23. Always a day late. . .
    Love your kitchen and the rest of the house too.


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