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Monday, March 2, 2009

Did someone say Meringue’s? well I’ve been wanting to make these for quite sometime now, so I got the hubby/baker to help and we got started :)IMG_7527   IMG_7532IMG_7534  IMG_7535

some with sprinkles…IMG_7536

and some without…IMG_7539


you can go (HERE) for the recipe!   IMG_7545  IMG_7547

put in a container and enjoy! these were very easy to make, we added green food coloring and sprinkles! for St Patty’s Day ;) Have a great day.  


  1. oh my gosh! and fun green too! are you loving your mixer or what!
    i HONESTLY... would have no idea what to do with it... for some reason... me & baking don't mix... especially here in this high altitude... it messes everything up! :)

  2. Those look yummy!!!!
    I've been a very bad blogger, but I'm back

  3. Love the pictures. I also love meringues. Never thought of adding food coloring. I have added mini chocolate chips. Everything is better chocolate.


  4. Those are so cute and perfect for St. Patty's day.
    sandy toe

  5. we were just saying how some of the mountains out here in colorado reminded us of meringue, and that lead to conversation about our favorite meringue foods! your photos are great!

  6. Yum!! Maybe I will get on the meringue wagon this week. Or maybe I will just dream about it. :p

    Thanks for sharing such lovely visions!!

  7. Oh yummola and how fun they looked to make!

  8. Forgottten... I had made these before:) Try pairing it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and sweetened strawberries poured on top... yUMMY! It's then called a strawberry kiss. (could leave meringue white or color it pink for the kiss)


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