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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Whatever! I know your saying to yourself Lanny that’s no way to start a post ! I don’t mean it to be mean I’m talking about the Whatever blog silly :) if you have never visited this blog you’re missing out BIG TIME! I want to be just like Megan when I grow up, but I’m older then her so that won’t work ( darn )… here’s a sneak peek into her life!whatever17

this is Megan & her family aren’t they all so cute as a button & look at that doggie, he’s name is Waffle! whatever8 whatever12

I’m sorry I can’t get enough of that dog! and that pink wig well that’s the cutest… whatever  whatever15

and she love’s to bake & annie even gets in on itwhatever19whatever20

and crafting well we won’t go there…whatever18

she never claims to be Martha :)whatever13

she is such a doll, and a great shopper! whatever6  whatever9whatever2 whatever7    whatever1whatever4

she love’s taking picture’s & she’s great at it…whatever3

and wOw look at all that, how fun :)whatever11

so go on over and visit her won’t you, tell her Lanny sent ya! (CLICK HERE) have fun! & have a great week-end.  


  1. OH...this sounds like such a great blog..I am so excited to check her out:)!
    Happy Valentines to you!
    -sandy toe

  2. Hey, I know her!

    How funny to open your blog and see this.

  3. What a neat blog.

  4. I'm a fan. Love her darling house.

  5. I just discovered the Whatever blog (great name) recently and really enjoy it. As I do yours!

  6. Thanks for recommending Whatever. I loved her blog!!

  7. What fun!

    Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

  8. What a wonderful blog and darling family... oh my goodness the dog is too cute!
    Happy Valentine's Day Lanny,

  9. aren't you just so nice lanny?!
    it's nice to feel loved. :)
    thank you for all the kindness and new friends you just sent my way.
    i am busy as a bee in the craft room.
    sewing on a felt cupcake right now for the cora project.
    have a fabulous weekend!

  10. I love Meg and her adorable family, beautiful home and endless creativity! You would think with all of that going for her one might be jealous, right? But then she ends up being so darned nice and self-deprecating that you just end up rooting for her and drinking up all of the inspiration!

    Great post, Lanny!!


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