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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Good morning, I'm off to a late start but wanted to drop in and say Hello! I can't even make the bed this morning because someone is still in it:) Hmmm...100_1338

Hope your off to a early start and hope you can make your bed...                        Simply Me:)


  1. it looks like he has the right idea! stay warm! :)

  2. Now that is one smart pooch!!!

  3. LOL I LOVE his face! I agree... with him stay in bed and be cozy and pampered my you! dogs are so smart!did Shawn tell you she saved my play list from looking terrible!! hee hee She must really think I am dumb, so embarrasing...

  4. Don't you want to crawl in there with him and snuggle?

  5. After the snowy face picture, I don't blame him for staying all nice and cozy! He's so cute.

  6. So cute!! I wish I could do that!

  7. Methinks I wouldn't have wanted to crawl out of bed with that little darling snuggled in it.

  8. Hello! I just found your blog through your comment over at Meg's blog. :)

    Our pups like to stay in bed too...which is a bad influence most mornings, LOL! One of our dogs looked like your "snow face" photos earlier this week, but here in the south, that's a rarity!

    Have a great day!

  9. sorry to see that about your mom... how is she?

    kisses to Gus!

  10. love this one of gus
    Got the package...THANK YOU....we enjoyed the Carmel popcorn and movie little one is loving it.


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