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Friday, January 9, 2009

good evening, just wanted to stop by & say hellO... hellO, it's been a busy friday, had to take mOm in for some test, I'll keep yOu pOsted, dropped her Off and went and picked up Shawn! & we want Out shOpping, I'm thinking abOut making some cute tags fOr my etsy shOp, not alOt going on over there So I think I'll change things up a bit stay tuned, hope you all have a nice week-end and I'll see you sOOn.      SiMpLy mE :)  


  1. Hi there! Just discovered your little corner of the your photos....and your style. I see you like to decorate and craft just like me...will be back! Cherry

  2. can you believe that cat?

    oh i hope you & shawn had fun!

    super happy weekend to you!

  3. OK, I can't stand it anymore and have to ask:

    Why dO yOu type like thAt? Just curiOus. LoL


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