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Friday, December 19, 2008

it's a snOw day ! wOw we gOt alOt of snOw during the night... and baby it's cOld outside, hubby's at work & Gus~Grandma & I are staying in for the day! a gOOd time to get the little extras done, but I think I'm going to take a morning nap! sound good to me, YOU? here's afew picture's of this morning...100_1246

Dennis's shoe's still hanging in the tree! 100_1248  100_1249



here's to a snOwball of a day! make sure to stop back later today, for alittle something fun for your blog! SiMpLy mE



  1. I am so jealous.

    I want snow.

    It rained a lot last night, but that was it. We had sleet the other day. A dusting of snow--like powdered sugar from a sifter, and a lot of freezing fog. Good times.

  2. I love it!

    we got dumped on too! I'm going to post my pics soon too! i love it!

  3. I'm cold looking at your snow. My parents are snowed in too in Washington State... dad stuck at an airport.. stay inside and nap... sounds good to me. :o) WIsh my 4 wild elves would nap!!!
    hugs for a cozy evening,
    p.s. I bought the Martha Stewart glitter!!!! Between you and me I can't believe she glitters... it gets everywhere!!!!! she must have a separate house just to glitter... don't repeat that I wouldn't want Martha mad at me!!!


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