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Sunday, November 23, 2008

First let ME just SAY... i've been in alot of neat little ShOpS! but none as neat as this one! i started blogging about a year ago & i have no idea how i came across this one but i'm sure GLAD i did, this past summer Shawn & Dianne & myself took a day trip to Ann Arbor Michigan, it's about 2 1/2hrs from here but so worth the trip we mainly went just to go to this shop! if you have visited my blog before i'm sure you know what shOp i'm talking about! YAP you guessed it the ReD ShOeS... This past friday she had her open house we weren't able to go but she posted picture's for all to see, i wanted to share them with you & after you take the tour go on over there and look around, YOU won't be

a nice & warm WELCOME, go on in!red1 

your husband called & said you can buy whatever you want...    


does this scream CHRISTMAS or what ! red4 red6red8

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree... red9red10

i'll take one of everything =) those lures up high sure would go good in my hubby's bathroom... red11     red12red13 red15 red17 red16

i so hope you enjoy the tour & go say HI to Catherine over at The ReD ShOeS! and tell her Lanny sent ya!


  1. thanks for sharing that wonderful eye candy. i'm in heaven.

    i'm off to go back and take another looksy look. maybe even go shopping.
    thanks again.

  2. Ever since I saw your first post with the Fairy Doors from there I have been dying to go there. If I ever make out there it is on the top of my list of places to go .l... specially after seeing the pictures of her Christmas stuff. Makes me want to curl up there for the holidays. (I started decorating today ... made my upside down tree ... will post it this week. )

  3. Now I know where the Fairy Doors came from.Oh Goodie! Oh my wonders I could move in and never leave. I sure wish that the part your hubby called and said take one of everything was true!!!heehee That was such a fun tour and thanks for introducing me to a new "wish I could go to store" (that list is getting mighty long!!!) have a lovely night..

  4. what a great store...I want to come and go shopping with you. I love that hubby said we could buy anything...Thanks for the great pictures

  5. Sure puts me in the Christmas spirit!
    Thanks for sharing this special store with all of us.


  6. i think i should just move into her shop and live there....forever.
    she could come in late or whenever because i would be there to help out. i could cuddle up in that bed. i could read all the fun books. i could drink coffee from colorful mugs and eat cupcakes on polka dot plates.
    it would be a the perfect life. :)

  7. wish i could say hi to Catherine in person... she screams creativity... that gal is something else!
    i spied some familiar goodies in that yellow & red piece! :)

  8. I love this place!! So much color!!

  9. Lucky you!! Thanks for sharing your photos...they don't disappoint!! I would love to go there someday...~sigh~


  10. Oh my goodness, this is heaven!
    I am going to have to check it out online, since Tx is far, far away!

    I just love your wonderful blog Lanny!


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