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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

good afternoon, hope all is well =) been busy here, just wanted to share this with you all, Carissa i know you will like this! 

hope you all enjoyed & hopefully this was your first time to see this video... SiMpLe Me =)


  1. COOOL!!!!

    We had snow flurries yesterday .... here at home and also on the way to school in VA!!! Was cool, but nothing like what you got! I took pictures, but have to load them .. nit sure what they look like.

  2. that was awesome !!! i love it !!!

  3. Oh Wow!! That is amazing!! I'd hate to have that electric bill. LOL Thanks for sharing... love that T.V. :)

  4. Hi Lanny, did you know you are mentioned on Wilna's blog?
    This video is amazing I sent my peeps here to see it too!

  5. That was great! My son was on my lap was we watched it together. Thank you for the treat!

  6. i didn't like that... i LOOOOOVED that!

    can you laugh and cry all at THE SAME TIME!!!!!

    very neat! thanks Lanny! xo

  7. Lanny I just love that,played it several times.Is the best!


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