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SiMpLy mE...: Mamamia

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Well first off Thank You for entering my fall giveaway! wow I was glad to see you like fall as much as I do! My favorite thing about fall is the smell of the leaves and kicking them around after Dennis just gets done raking them up! and he doesn't even get mad, what a guy!sorry it took me so long to post but I've been having a problem with my Internet the cable guy comes tomorrow I think I'll give him a great big kiss!!! Okay onto bigger and more important things, like who won the giveaway, well I'm thinking she's new to my blog and I hope she'll be happy that she won, and the winner is mamamia ! Yeah I'm so happy for you, simply e-mail me and I'll get your gift out and on it's way! Have a great night and hope to see you soon! FYI,  Look for a cute gift idea, coming soon! 




  1. Oh, how I wish it were me Lanny, but it's not. I guess "mamamia" is a popular name. The way to tell is that my "mamamia" has my picture. :)

    I've been so busy that I stop by to see what's new, but haven't had time to comment. I totally missed the giveaway...I'll be better about that! ;)

    Thanks for checking in.

  2. oh i hope that mr cable man can "hook you up"!
    tell him thank you from all us readers too!


  3. You've been Bloggy Boo-ed!!

    Go and pick up your Boo sign from my blog then go and boo more blog friends!!

    Boo... Baby Boo!!!!!!!!

    ~Jill :)


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